Monday, 24 October 2016

57-Year-Old Buffed Grandma Is Brazilian Internet Sensation (7 Photos + Instagram Embeds)

Jacira Noronha showing that it is never too late to take care

Meet 57-year-old Brazilian Grandma, Jacira Noronha a bodybuilder, a mother of four and a grandmother of three children, who became a Brazilian Internet sensation - all as a result of a motorcycle accident in 2003 that changed the routine of her life.

Grandma Marombada and Karolina daughters and Katia

The accident made her lose much muscle mass in his right leg and it narrowly missed the part left without movement, not accepting the condition imposed by the circumstances, Jacira took to the gym despite doctor's orders.

Jacira Overrun with daughter Karolina Marreiro,
Wellness Brazilian champion in 2015

"At that time, I needed surgery, but my financial condition did not allow me to get it. So, I enrolled at a gym at my own risk, though my orthopedist forbade me even to walk by it!"
"My training is very diverse — I do not repeat the same things all the time; I have a bit of everything," the bodybuilder revealed her secret. 
By the way, Jacira's two daughters co-own the gym. 
"Each of us has her own purpose, but the most important one is to look always ‘appetizing.'" - sputnik

Jacira Noronha among the daughters, Karolina (right) and Katia Marreiro (left) training together | Source 

Instagram - jacira_superacao

Jacira has over 43,000 followers on Instagram.

Jacira does weight training an hour a day and has to diversify the training (Photo: Marcelo Marques / G1 RR) | Source

Here's some sound advice from this amazing grandma:
"Exercises should be started with a calm approach. Do not fall under the influence of bad professionals, and always be careful. Never take any substances that promise you quick results — the actual results can often be contraindicated for health reasons."

Jacira Noronha. (Photo: Facebook / Jacira Noronha) | Source

Source(s): sputnikmodaefeminices

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