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Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist

Mark Rober is at it again. This time with his backyard maze 2, video with over 47M views and counting! Missed the 1st one?  Check it out further below...

Squirrels are underrated.  

Mark Rober

Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0- Ninja Warrior Course

Squirrels were stealing my birdseed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)

Gift Wrapping | Christmas Gift Packing Ideas + Christmas Tree Origami (2021)

Such creativity shouldn't go unnoticed. These gift-wrapping techniques are so unique, it makes you not want to open the gifts but rather just admire their packaging. This video has been viewed over 4.5M times since 2020...

🎄 Christmas gift wrapping ideas | How to wrap a gift box perfect for Christmas

柒刀魚 QiDaoYu

Gift Wrapping | Gift Box Wrapping Ideas +Origami Gift Bows(Step By Step)

柒刀魚 QiDaoYu

Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks

Because we all could use a little help in the gift-wrapping department. The video has been viewed over 35M times since 2017 so somebody must be doing something right!...

Want some tips for wrapping your Christmas presents? Struggling to wrap all your gifts? My life hacks for wrapping are gunna change yo life! Learn how to use the diagonal wrapping method to use less wrapping paper, make a pillow box  out of a toilet paper tube, and more!

But First Coffee 

Amazing Liquid Experiment #shorts by Family Booms

A short experimental video that garnered over 78M views in less than a few weeks. Wtf?...


Inside the Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan

The latest on the Afghanistan takeover. The video has been viewed over 7M times in just a few days...

Reporter Ben C. Solomon and his team were in Kandahar as the Taliban closed in. In a VICE News Tonight special report, VICE News looks at the sweeping takeover in Afghanistan and what's next.