Thursday, 23 February 2017

UK STORM DORIS Qatar Airways Airplane Missed Approach Plane Go Around Extreme Crosswind

Doris? Well, the name is catching everyone's attention in the UK. Remember Storm Barbara from last year, just before Christmas?
Anyways, those who fly can totally relate to this...
Extreme plane crosswind airplane missed approach go around during UK Storm Doris. 
Uk Storm winds gusting upto 80MPH / 65KNOTS approx, filmed Birmingham Airport, EGBB, BHX 
Filmed during storm Doris in the UK with very strong crosswind over the runway at birmingham airport, We see Qatar Airways jet aircraft plane struggle with the crosswind when landing.

Spotter 101

Emirates A380 Crazy Aborted Landing | STORM DORIS

Storm Doris causing havoc at Manchester Airport!

Ringway Manchester

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