Monday, 3 November 2014

Dogs Killed in Front of Animal Activist By Dog-meat Traders (Warning: Graphic Images)

Warning: Graphic Images

Everyone turns away or do nothing whenever stories like these are published about dog meat trading. We are guilty of it also. Maybe it’s because we can’t handle the flagrant and shocking disregard for the well being of these animals and the torture these dogs are put through everyday – all in the name of  ‘tradition’ – dog meat delicacies.

Did you know – the dogs are put through such torture because according to Soi Dog’s website, “when they are in pain, their bodies release adrenaline that softens their meat.”

People, these are not chickens, or cows. These are dogs. Man’s best friend. Dogs who wait patiently for their masters to return home after a long day at work. Dogs who will lay by your grave site in mourning. Dogs who will love you unconditionally. You hear the stories all the time:

  • There’s Ciccio, the 12-year-old German shepherd in Italy who used to attend the church of his master every day and stood at the altar in hopes of her return. “Maria of the fields” – died suddenly in November 2012, and when the church bell would toll, Ciccio would show up and wait at the altar at the same church his master attended every day for years, when she was alive. Would a cow do that?
  • Or Hawkeye the chocolate Lab. Back in 2011, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson died in a helicopter crash that killed 38 American servicemen. At the funeral with 1,5oo in attendance, one sight caught all their eyes – Hawkeye – his dog, who refused to leave his side:  According to observers the Labrador “dropped to the ground and gave a sigh” and remained at the foot of the casket for the duration of the funeral.
The only way to capture your attention to this appalling tradition, is through graphic images and stories like the one you’re about to read. Help us to help them, the Soi Dog Foundation, and put an end to dog torture by going to their website and signing the petition and/or sharing it on social sites and more like we have done.

When this journalist, Simon Parry, confronted two dog meat traders in Vietnam, he was shocked by their response.

Journalist Simon Parry confronting the dog meat trader(Picture: Red Door News)

Out of defiance, a dog meat trader became angry when journalist Simon Parry confronted him and took a dog and slaughtered the animal right in front of him, as the photos show.

Tens of thousands of dogs are stolen from their owners in neighbouring Thailand to satisfy this controversial culinary taste.

The animals are sometimes skinned while still conscious and sometimes even placed into pots of boiling water.

One popular restaurant, Nha Hang restaurant in Tam Trinh, slaughters 50 dogs a day in front of its clientèle to whom it sells dishes of boiled and stir fried dog meat for three to six pounds.

This Hanoi based Vietnamese tader is draining the blood from the dog (Picture: Red Door News)

John Dalley, founder of the Soi Dog Foundation spoke to MailOnline journalist, Simon Parry, regarding the eating of dogs in Vietnam: ‘People say it is a long tradition but it isn’t, it was only introduced during the war years in the last century at times of famine.

The Soi Dog Foundation has started a petition to stop the slaughter of dog for there meat which over 500,000 people have signed including Dame Judi Dench and comedian Ricky Gervais.

The skinning and gutting of the animal is started (Picture: Red Door News)

From SoiDogFoundation (YouTube), comes this video that is heartbreaking (we couldn’t even go through the whole thing – we skipped to the end), gut wrenching, nerve-wracking, disgusting and any other words you can find to describe something as unspeakable and inhumane as what you’re about to watch. (Video is viewable despite false thumbnail!)

Source(s): metro

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