Thursday, September 28, 2017

6 Raft Stack

Crazy is as crazy does. Whatever floats your boat Covey!...

Covey Baack doing another crazy stunt. Here he is rafting class 4 rapids on top of 6 SOTAR rafts strapped together. With custom made 9' oar extensions for his Sawyer 11' oars he pulled this crazy stunt off. Oh and before you ask or comment, his life jacket and pads are on under the SOTAR T-Shirt.

Sky Lakes Media

Covey Baack six-stack raft at nugget (crazy edit)

Crazy edit of Covey Baack taking on Nugget a Class IV rapid on six rafts. In this video we also take you along for the ride with sounds as recorded by the GoPro's in the raft.

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