Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why You Don't Mess with Siberia's Strongest Woman During a Road Rage...

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Siberia's strongest woman, Oksana Kosheleva teaches a driver a lesson when she pulls him out of his vehicle, carries him over her shoulder - and locks him in the trunk of her car. ...

It all happened in a mall parking lot in Irkutsk, when a male driver cut in front of her. Kosheleva, 34, famous for pulling trucks and trams, is heard blasting him: 'You should learn how to park, there are kids around.'

The champion powerlifter dragged him from his car and carried him like a sack of potatoes to her vehicle where she locked him in the trunk, kicking him once before driving him 100 metres away and releasing him.

When interviewed later by a local TV station, Kosheleva replied, "I always try to avoid rude talks and, of course, fights. I simply decided to teach him a lesson, I wasn't planning to beat him up."
"I am a woman and fights are not for me. After driving for around 100 metres I stopped."

Oksana Kosheleva | Source

Source(s): siberiantimes

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