Thursday, 8 December 2016

Koala Gets Kicked Out Of Tree and Cries!

... and cries like a banshee with crocodile tears. Lol. Listen to that crying! And look at that face. Makes you wanna squeeeeeze him real bad. The video has been viewed over 5M times...

This poor little Koala is trying to stake out it's own territory when it is kicked out of the tree by a big bully! This brave young Koala desperately tries again. GOOD ENDING! The little koala won as it had claimed the the tree by nightfall :) Welcome to a glimpse of what it is like living amongst a wild koala population during mating season! Mating and territory fighting is a regular occurrence during this time of season, and their sounds are terrifying! I felt so sorry for this poor bubba, it was heart breaking to watch and so hard to not to go comfort it, I try not to interfere where possible. Must be some pretty tasty gum leaves up that tree!


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