Saturday, 26 November 2016

Captain on United flight deals with some politics

Here! Here! It's pretty sad, as one commenter puts it, when full grown adults, have to be lectured to like a child. 'Ignorance can still be found at 35k feet', says another - all in response to this video that was posted on YouTube on Nov 11, 2016...

On my friend's @wirelessness flight from SFO to Mexico, some kinda scuffle broke out where an individual with a "plaid shirt and a camo cap" said something racist (about being "glad to have kept his guns") to an African American lady, and she began to cry and freak out. They separated the two of them, and then the Captain of the flight got on the PA and made this announcement.

Added on 11/15: Just a few things I wanted to add:

1) The individual that said what was said to the African American lady DID apologize to her after the crew separated them on the flight.
2) The pilot specifically asked if no one would talk about Trump for the duration of the flight.
3) Right after he said that, my friend started to record this video.

Jon Bauer

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