Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Babies Who Look EXACTLY Like Celebrities (15+ Photos)

And you thought YOUR baby was a star. Check out these amazing photos of babies and their uncanny resemblance to certain celebrities. Number 7 we've posted about back in 2014...

1. Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

2. My Son Looks Like Danny Devito

3. Friend's Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

4. My Nephew Looks Like John Legend

5. My Godson Think He's The Royal Prince

6. So My Friend's Baby Looks Like Gandalf

7.  My Friend's Son Looks Like Jay-Z

8. My Baby Looks Like A Thoughtful Vladimir Putin

9. Charlie Looks Like Cam From Modern Family

10. Isabelle Looks Like Tiny Jamie Oliver

11. My Old College Roommate Had A Baby Recently. I'm Convinced He Looks Like Michael Cera

12. Baby Looks Like Kevin From The Office

13. Grady Looks Like Chris Farley

14. My Baby Looks Like Karl Pilkington

15. This Baby Looks Like Rob Ford

Source(s): izismile | boredpanda

This one was discovered recently (March 19, 2017)

16. Baby Isla Looks Just Like Ed Sheeran

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