Monday, 21 November 2016

Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press (+ Apple Music – Taylor vs. Treadmill)

Looks familiar? 
Apple music, it's distractingly good they say. Watch Drake, have a mishap while working out and listening to Apple music.
The ad is essentially a mirror ad of the one that starred Taylor Swift which was released earlier, in April of this year (with over 18M views) - remember that one? No? Then check out the 2nd vid further below...

The rapper uses the “Pop Workout” playlist, which presents him with Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood.” After dancing to the song for a while, Drake gets back to work, only to be so distracted by the music and singing along that he ends up dropping the bench press on his chest and rolling to the ground.


Apple Music – Taylor vs. Treadmill
Distractingly good. Apple Music.


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