Thursday, 2 July 2015

Disguise Your Vehicle with this ‘Rust Wrap’ To Prevent Theft! (12 Photos)

Don’t want your fancy or new vehicle getting stolen? Perhaps disguising it as an old rust bucket should do the trick with this innovative rust-like vinyl wrap from Clyde Wraps, a company in Glasgow, Scotland which provides colour change vinyl wraps and digital vehicle wraps and graphics. A customer came into their shop and requested this one-of-a-kind artwork for his brand new top-of-the-range Volkswagen T5 Transporter Sportline van.

By taking exact measurements of the entire van over and above the blueprints, they were able to produce this amazing rust-like artwork that appears to be running from the door frames, handles, badges and mirrors. They also added extra fake metal panels that look like they are riveted onto the smooth new van. The more distressed they made it look – the better the end result of the rust, they stated.

The artwork was so believable that according to their website and the customer who requested the wrap, “It only took 3 days for the police to pull him over to ask what was going on with all the rust.” Clyde Wraps further went on to state, “Please note that there is nothing illegal about going to town with graphics on your vehicle but it may confuse others!” Well, we think that was exactly the point – and it worked!

Source: boredpanda | HT: toxel

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