Thursday, 15 May 2014

Around the World in 360° Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie

The ultimate selfie? We think so as Alex Chacon captured an amazing trip around the world with 360 degree GoPro selfies...   

600 Days Around the World with a GoPro on a stick! In the most epic selfie ever! The ultimate selfie compilation documented like never before in a 360° Degree rotation in every major site and exotic place in over 36+ countries. Alex Chacon is on a Modern Motorcycle Diaries driving his motorcycle over 200,000+ Km crossing 75+ borders around the world to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth on this charitable expedition.    

Alex Chacon

3 Year Epic Selfie - Around the World in 360° Degrees - Part II

Alex Chacon, does it again creating the most Epic, Crazy, Interesting, Dangerous, and Amazing Selfie in the World. He took the "Most Epic Selfie of 2014" according to CBS News and does it again in 2015 with this Part II on his 3 Year Around the World Motorcycle Expedition!

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