Monday, 12 December 2016

GORGEOUS Black Model, Deddeh Howard, Recreates White-women Ads to Send Diversity Message (9 Photos + Instagram Video)

"Growing up in Africa, I knew nothing about Black and White, we're all equal, it was United we stand! At least that's what my parents thought me and that's what I believe in. I believe we can be whoever we want to be, so don't let anyone tell you're not what you want to be. If they can do it! So can you." - Deddeh Howard

This gal is not only gorgeous - but brilliantly bright! 

Liberian-born Instagram model Deddeh Howard recreates some of fashion's most famous ads to send a message - ALL races have a place in the fashion industry.

Her incredible photo series called "Black Mirror", shows she can be just as attractively appealing as the rest.

Howard "poses" beside top models like Kendall, Gigi and Gisele and says, "it's time for more diversity and models of all races being seen."

"More equal visibility of all races, being it white, black, Asian, Latino etc would help all of us believing in our potential," Howard emphasizes.

On her blog, The Secret of DD, Howard writes that she hopes her project can show the world that the opportunity to work in fashion should be accessible for everyone.

"Just like a Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss or Candice Swanepoel gets to travel the world, shoot the most amazing campaigns and live an exciting life to inspire young girls, let’s give the next generation something to believe in," she notes.

Check out more of Deddeh and her cause on her Instagram page...

Source(s): secretofdd | huffingtonpost | instagram

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