Monday, 14 November 2016

Two Moose Discovered Frozen in Mid-fight in Alaskan River (4 Photos)

Warning: Graphic images

Jeff Erickson in Alaska came across two moose frozen in ice that appeared to have been in mid-fight, with both sets of antlers locked together.

© The Alaska Life / Facebook

We read one comment saying, the antlers would be taken off for mounting at a local camp while the meat would be salvaged as food for a dog team.

© The Alaska Life / Facebook

From the Alaska Life on Facebook:
These two big bulls fought until their antlers become locked together and drowned. Now they are frozen in the ice near the western Alaska community of Unalakleet. Nature can be brutal. 
Thanks Jeff Erickson for sharing your photos and experience.
Jeff Erickson from Unalakleet, western Alaska was out walking in the snowy landscape near the North River on Wednesday when he made the epic discovery.

© The Alaska Life / Facebook

Erickson thought the two moose would make for a unique mount for his wall and set to work to free the animals from the frozen water.

"We got 'em out.....now for the cleaning," Erickson wrote on Facebook, alongside a photo of the beheaded creatures’ blood staining the snow.

© Jeff Erickson / Facebook

It's thought the large moose may have drowned whilst fighting for the attention of a female, with the two rivals then getting stuck together by their antlers. “Two bulls got in a tussle over some ladies,” Erickson explained. “And ended up being put on ice.” 
The frozen moose were shared on The Alaska Life Facebook page, where people discussed whether the meat would still be good to eat. 
This isn’t the first time interlocked antlers have caused such gruesome deaths, as others shared.

Three deer drowned while locked in battle. | E.L. Green/Facebook

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