Saturday, 10 September 2016

Shredding Donald the Dump (+ 2 More Videos)

It could be shredding Donald the Chump, we don't care. It's just another one of those videos we find strangely satisfying. This viral vid has almost 1.5M views and counting.

Can't get enough? Check out 2 more shredding satisfaction videos below from the same guys...


Making salad with FilaMaker Organic waste shredder.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------------Shredder in this video is hand cranked.-----------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The food which gets shredded in our videos is cleaned / peeled and on the end ate from us. ( click show more )
If we do fruits or vegetables with peel we feed it to our pigs.
Mostly fruits and vegetables come from our own garden which has "Organic certification" or we buy Organic grown ones.

FilaMaker mini shredder vs Toy Story Massacre

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