Thursday, 29 September 2016

DO YOU HAVE A FILTHY MIND? This optical illusion will tell you...

Viral Randomness...

They say children and virgins only see dolphins when looking at this picture. We say, uhm.. what dolphins?..

Tell us what you see first in this amazing picture by renowned artist Sandro del Prete?
DO you have the innocence of a child or a downright dirty mind?
This amazing optical illusion has the answer.

The more sex-obsessed will instantly see this as a naked couple embraced in an act of love.

But if you are pure and innocent you will see nine dolphins. 

The amazing image – called ‘Message d’Amour des Dauphins’ is the latest brainteaser from artist Sandro del Prete, who publishes his artwork on the website Impossible World.

So did you spot the NINE dolphins?

Source(s): thesun | abstract

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