Saturday, 26 March 2016

20 Jaw-Dropping Split-Shot Photos

Our jaws are still dropping from these amazing photos showing captures of what’s above land as well as below – simultaneously. Also called over-unders or half-and-halfs, some of these photos are so amazing they almost appear to be photoshopped.
However, according to the experts such as photography site scubadiving.com, the trick is to look for calm surroundings with interesting subjects above and below… all with the perfect lighting. (See additional tips on their site.) In the meantime, check the amazing photos below.




Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets

Taking it like a man… one mean tweet at a time…

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney reads some mean tweets written about him by Donald Trump and his supporters.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Monday, 7 March 2016

15+ Instances of Animals Hitching a Ride on Other Animals (26 Photos)

Whether it be on their own kind or on another kind, we’re just as fascinated as the next person seeing photos of animals hitching a ride on other animals. Remember the post we did of a photo that went viral last year of a weasel riding a woodpecker… or that photo of a raccoon caught riding a boar?

How about the photo below of a seal riding a whale, captured by Robyn Malcolm during a whale watching trip out of Eden, NSW:

Hands down, turtles and frogs seem to be the most popular when it comes to hitching rides on other animals. They will hop on just about anything that moves! Remember this one below of a frog riding a beetle? Yee-haw! You can view more photos of them on our site here.

You certainly don’t have to search far to find photos of animals hitching rides on other animals, so we did a bit more searching ourselves and compiled these photos below.

1. Turtle Hitching a Ride on a Jellyfish


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