Thursday, 23 April 2015

Raccoon Caught Riding a BOAR (Photo)

What is up with animals hitching rides on other animals? We’ve had the weasel hitching a ride on a woodpecker, the frog riding the beetle, the cat-like creature riding a rhino, and now a raccoon riding on a boar!

The amazing photo, which is thought to have been taken in Texas, (back in 2007), was captured by an automatic camera, (aka a trail camera), close to a corn feeder. The photo is viralling once again and some speculated the raccoon was hitching a ride on the boar in order to reach the feeder – so both animals could pig out.

According to BoarMasters, wild hogs love to follow raccoons since they are excellent at finding food and the boar knows this. Any time you have a heavy concentration of coons, the boar are sure to follow, they said.

Whatever the reasons, if humans can ride animals…

So can animals too…

And speaking of trail cams, check out some strange creatures captured on them from this 2014 video:

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